11:11 Hard-work vs. Luck

Geno Crandall: Gonzaga Basketball

September 12, 2018

How hard are you willing to work for your dream?

In this episode I sit down with Geno Crandall. We discuss his early schooling, being turned around from his basketball plan multiple times, his college experiences and more. 


Although this is the longest podcast I’ve ever recored, its packed with great stories. Feel free to use time stamped topics to weave through the episode successfully. 





05:40 Early Education 

21:08 High School 

42:37 High School dance story

45:03 Realization of being a black man

59:30 AAU/UND Scholarship offer

01:16:00 Finding God

01:30:00 Championship story (intro)

01:40:45 NCAA Tournament 

02:01:03 Gonzaga Basketball